Use case: AR/ VR assisted construction

This use case demonstrator will be deployed in the Eiffage Bretagne construction in Dinard, France and it will showcase the ARtwin technologies by providing AR tools that will help the workers to construct more efficiently.

During construction, to limit the defects and hence to construct well, it is necessary to help workers understand and get informed about their tasks in the best way possible.

In this use case, workers will have a consistent AR view of the reference BIM model at a specific time of the construction and directly on site, through mobile devices or see-through headsets. This feature will allow the site supervisor and the workers to work closely together even if the supervisor is at his/her office, using a VR device.

For example, the supervisor will be able to precisely show to his whole team the next action to do, with additional helpful information (concrete and cement quantity, etc.) that is necessary to its execution.

Additionally, by comparing the BIM-as-built with the reference BIM model, the ARtwin technologies will also enable the automatic detection of the defects and to compute the construction progress.

As construction workers are constantly receiving all the necessary information and feedback from their supervisor, they will save time and minimize the defects, as they are quickly doing the right job from the very first time.

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