Unified global map

The unified map will be a digital representation of the physical state of the geometry of various elements making up a factory or a construction site. The map will be stored in the cloud and have the capacity to be both used by various connected devices and updated in real-time by a large number of heterogenous devices equipped with vision and/ or inertial sensors.

To address the needs of modern factories and constructions, the map will have the following main specifications:

  • Useable by a wide variety of AR devices: The map format will allow a map extraction appropriate to the AR device capabilities.

  • Persistent: The map will keep a history of changes that will allow to replay the evolution of the captured environment.

  • Responsive to dynamic environments: As elements appear, disappear or move in a factory or in a construction site with a varied temporality, applications using this map will be able to query the current status of the map in real-time.

  • Fitting to large-scale environments: The map will be scalable enough to cover a large area such as a full factory or construction site.

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