Use case: AR enabled factory worker

This demonstrator will be installed in a SIEMENS factory and will showcase the AR enabled factory worker.

In this use case, the factory workers will see all sorts of relevant information about the machine they are interacting with (operating, maintaining, monitoring, etc.) at a glance! For example, they will be able to see a decomposition of the machine’s parts, simulation models of the machine’s past history, projections for the operation of the machine, etc.

The information will help the workers to immediately understand the status of the machine, and they will be actionable! The AR system will show possible solutions to an upcoming problem, while these solutions may come from real-time simulation models based on the current Digital Twin of the production system, but also from recorded experience from other operators, e.g. recorded videos of how to fix a machine of this model.

Factory workers will be provided with contextual information about the machinery on a wearable device so that they can retrieve and consume the information in a handsfree manner, with a view to uninterruptedly performing the required tasks. The relevant information will be attached to the machines and will be displayed at the best suitable virtual position.

The real time-updating of the factory map will allow for the seamless augmentation of information regardless of the changes in the factory environment (relocation of machinery, change in lights, occlusions, etc.).

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