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ARtwin aims at improving productivity and product quality, by deploying an ARCloud platform that will offer cutting-edge AR-based services, well-tailored to the requirements of European Industry and Construction 4.0.

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Use cases

Use case: AR enabled factory worker

This demonstrator will be installed in a SIEMENS factory and will showcase the AR enabled factory worker. Factory workers will see all sorts of relevant information about the machine they are interacting with in a glance! On top of that, problem detection and assisted problem solving will allow workers make critical decisions in seconds, not minutes!

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Use case: AR based factory planning

This use case demonstrator will be installed in a SIEMENS factory to enable dynamic production line planning. Using our real-time AR interface to factory planning tools, the production line planning and re-adaptation will no longer be carried out in separate rooms far away from the production. Instead, it will happen interactively on the field!

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Use case: AR/VR assisted construction

This use case demonstrator will be deployed in the Eiffage Bretagne construction in Dinard, France. Using AR devices, construction workers will have a consistent AR view of the construction and will be constantly receiving all the necessary information and feedback from their supervisor, whether s/he is in the field or not! Workers will save time and minimize defects as they are quickly doing the right job the very first time!

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Our first demos

Key aspects simply explained

The ARtwin project was presented on October 21st 2020 in a dedicated webinar hosted by the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance – AREA!!

By watching this video you will have the opportunity to  learn about (i) the three use cases on which the ARtwin project research focuses, (ii) the approaches to mapping, modelling and maintaining digital representations of target spaces, (iii) the architecture of the testbed/system, (iv) how 3D AR localization is performed and finally (v) the current status and challenges.

Latest news

The first ARtwin Advisory Board Workshop

On April 21st, we organized our first dedicated online Workshop with the 14 ARtwin Advisory Board recognized experts in ...

ARTWIN 3rd project meeting

On Wednesday, the 17th of March, the H2020 ARtwin project organised its 3rd Consortium meeting. Much to our regret for n ...

New article on AR Cloud by BCM

Our Technical Coordinator, Mr. Jerome Royan, wrote a very intresting article on AR Cloud and its future potential. What ...

Digital Twin Awareness Day

ARtwin attended the Digital Twin Awareness Day, organised by Bentley institute and COMIT on Tuesday, the 22nd of Septemb ...

ARtwin presented during the AREA webinar

The ARtwin project was presented on October 21st 2020 in a dedicated webinar hosted by the Augemented Reality for Enterp ...

Augmented reality engineering: The next level by Holo-light

Cool video, @Holo Light! This perfectly shows what’s possible with #AR and a sovereign #ARCloud! If you want to watch ...

ARtwin 2nd newsletter issue was released

The 2nd newsletter of ARtwin was released on October 2020, mainly presenting the ARtwin platform and its 4 interactive s ...

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#Employment rate in #OECD area in the 2nd quarter of 2021:

🇪🇺 area: ↗️67.6%
🇬🇷: ↗️56.4%
🇸🇮: ↗️71.7%
🇪🇪: ↘️72.9%
🇬🇧: ↗️75.1%
🇩🇰: ↗️75.4%
🇮🇸: ↗️79.3%
🇳🇴: ↗️75.9%
🇨🇭: ↘️78.6%
🇲🇽: ↗️61.1%
🇨🇷: ↘️55.6%
🇨🇴: ↘️59.6%
🇯🇵: ↗️77.7%
🇦🇺: ↗️75.3%
🇺🇸: ↗️68.9%
🇨🇦: ↗️72.4%

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