Use case: AR based factory planning

This use case demonstrator will be installed in a SIEMENS factory and will leverage the ARtwin technologies to showcase dynamic production line planning.

Admittedly, Industry 4.0 will make production lines and factory layouts increasingly dynamic and eventually they will change several times a day. The real-time update of the factory layout and the respective machinery on the shop floor is a prerequisite in order to support the flexible rearrangement of the production facilities on the shop floor when a new production batch is planned.

In this use case, the production planning will be done using a VR enhanced planning tool that visualizes in 3D the current layout of the Digital Twin and provides interactive editing capabilities for the planners.

Alongside, this use case will demonstrate a real-time AR interface to factory planning tools, allowing also for field-level planners to use their AR device to make changes to the layout on site!

Factory planning then no longer is only a separate activity carried out by planners in offices far away from the production. Instead, it can also happen interactively in the field!

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