AR remote rendering

This service will be delivered with a view to overcoming the limitation of computational power of existing and future devices (e.g. smart glasses, tablets, smartphones, etc.) in visualizing 3D information, regardless of the amount of data.

One of the most common requests of every industrial user is the visualization of 3D content. Whether it is for design review, prototyping, visual support during complicated work processes, or simply for optimized communication and collaboration purposes, visualization is an essential part of implementing AR solutions.

However, if we look at AR enabled devices such as smart glasses, smartphones or tablets, the limit of computational power and memory immediately comes up as a very constraining factor to visualizing 3D content.

In order to fit within the memory capacity of these devices and allow applications to run smoothly, this service will outsource demanding work processes like content rendering. This means that the computing power will not come from the devices itself, but instead it will come from an external server which can more efficiently complete the processing.

Ultimately, our remote rendering service will allow rendering and display of complex content in less that 20ms!

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