The ARtwin platform will be an autonomous and transportable all-in-one 5G solution, dedicated to the deployment of the AR-based services developed by the project. ARtwin platform will account for the available technological capabilities and infrastructure (e.g. processing power, visual sensors, etc.) of the user, enabling optimal and cost-effective service delivery and seamless high-resolution AR experiences across different devices.

The platform will maintain in real-time the Digital Twin of the factory or BIM of the building, using the vision sensors available in the factory or the construction site. The platform will provide an immersive visualisation of this Digital Twin or BIM to:

  • Design offices of the factory to facilitate remote production line planning.

  • To field-level planners of the factory to allow for on-site production line planning

  • To factory workers to provide them with relevant contextual information about the machines they interact with (operate, maintain, monitor, etc.) to support fast decision making and assisted problem solving.

  • To construction workers to give them all the necessary information about the tasks they undertake as well as feedback from their supervisors.

  • To construction managers allowing them to detect construction defects as soon as they occur as well as to compute the construction progress.

All the above will be realized thanks to the ARtwin platform’s 4 unique offerings:

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