ARtwin is set on providing the European Industry and Construction 4.0 ecosystem with a sovereign ARCloud platform that meets their ever-growing needs for increased productivity, improved product quality as well as reduced time and cost.

To this end, the main concept of ARtwin is to research and develop a system able to continuously maintain a Digital Twin or BIM model that is as close as possible to the factory or the construction site in order to deploy a wide range services such as AR devices localization and Digital Twin/BIM real-time update.

In order to account for the wide variety of AR devices and address complex use cases, processing, mapping or rendering will be able to be distributed and orchestrated on the cloud thanks to a 5G communication.

In order to validate the benefits of an ARCloud dedicated to industry and construction 4.0, the project will deploy three demonstrators which will benefit from ARtwin’s platform. Through these three demonstrators, the project aims to prove the gains in productivity and quality as well as the pain removal provided by such an AR cloud technology.


The main objectives of ARtwin are:

  • To introduce an easily deployable platform that enables the design and maintenance of highly accurate real-time digital representations of large-scale real environments.

  • To develop and deploy high quality interactive services set on improving business performance and well-tailored to the requirements of professional and industrial contexts.

  • To demonstrate and validate the benefits of the ARCloud in major factories and construction sites, by deploying three demonstrators that will prove the quality and productivity gains.

  • To contribute to standardization activities, by providing specifications of unified APIs and data representations, fostering in this way a growing and sustainable AR ecosystem in Europe.

Ultimately, we want to enable a wider deployment of AR services into factories and construction sites, which will reduce cost, save time, increase productivity and product quality, in other words, will improve the competitiveness of European industries!


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