3D Digital Twin/ BIM update

This service will provide a real time update of Digital Twin of the factory or the BIM of the construction, based on the unified global map. In this context, our system will track the changing layout of the factory or construction scene, including its constituent objects, by recognizing the changes in the current status of the map, as well as detecting new unknown structures that are not yet represented in Digital Twin or BIM.

The map will therefore provide the current status of building structures, including their components, as well as a 3D localization of objects in the building, by exploiting the dominant parts of the environment remain unchanged.

In addition, a refinement mechanism for the model will be provided by which the detected deviations are fed back into the map and model of the factory or construction, supporting live human-based updates to the map, in addition to fully automatic updates.

For example, a mobile AR device worn by an operator, highlights a previously detected deviation between the current layout and the previous model in the Digital Twin. The user can then annotate these differences, e.g. using gesture or voice input – “these are spare parts for the new machine which will be delivered tomorrow”.

This combination of automated sensor-based updates and human-based updates in AR will provide an efficient, largely automated and effective method of keeping the Digital Twin or BIM on the map up to date. The entire process becomes much faster than it was before, as map changes are performed in seconds, not hours.

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