The German funded project KICK  and the European funded project ARtwin are co-organizing the following special session, as part of the EuCNC | 6G Summit 2022, which will take place on 7-10 June 2022 in Grenoble, France. The session will explore the potential benefits of applying AI/ML and AR to network and service management in Industry 4.0 environments. Details can be found below and here.


You are all welcome to join us on site or virtually.


Connecting the real and digital worlds in Industry 4.0 environments

Wednesday, 8 June 2022, 10:30-12:00

(Room to be defined)


Invited speaker: “Connecting the Dots: How 5G, Edge Computing and AI are Driving Industry 4.0”, Andreas Müller, Bosch, Germany


Technical papers:

  1. “AR Cloud: Moving to Large Scale Augmented Reality in Industrial Environments by Leveraging of 5G Connectivity”, Jérôme Royan, b<>com, France.
  2. “Augmented Reality-Empowered Network Services for Private Networks,” Qi Liao, Nokia Solutions and Networks, Germany.
  3. “Application Aware Management of Industrial 5G Networks,” Patrick Agostini, Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Germany.
  4. “Communications in an “Embodied AI” Future,” Volkmar Döricht, Siemens AG, Germany



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