Siemens and IRT b<>com, members of the ARTwin consortium and active members of ETSI Industry Specification Group on Augmented Reality Framework (ISF ARF) are pleased to announce that a key specification towards the interoperability of AR components, systems and services is now published and can be downloaded here. ETSI GS ARF 003 introduces the characteristics of an AR system and describes the functional building blocks of a generic AR reference architecture and their mutual relationships.

To know more about this architecture, the Chair of the group, Muriel Deschanel, and one of the technical and scientific leaders in the group, Jérôme Royan, from IRT b<>com, will give you an “Overview of ETSI reference architecture for Augmented Reality solutions” in a free live webinar on 28 April 2020 at 4:00 pm CEST. Register at this link


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