An exciting and interactive workshop on engineering XR for the future will be held on 5th – 6th of March 2020 in Munich, Germany. The event will feature presentations by leaders of the ETSI ISG ARF, the AREA and the XR4ALL EU-funded project as well as interactive sessions led by experts.

The workshop participants will:

• benefit from unprecedented insights into the use of open and interoperable interfaces and components to ensure that AR and XR technologies will scale up and impact every industry in the next decade.

• have the opportunity to shape the research agenda that will drive the direction and funding of research projects in XR in Europe for the next decade.

• learn about the ETSI AR Framework and how to develop clear interoperability requirements which, if/when met, will improve their ability to integrate AR into their business and shorten Return on Investment.

The workshop is free of charge, however registration is mandatory. To learn more and register to the workshop click here!


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